Communication and Feedback

Course Evaluations

Students have the opportunity to provide feedback on teaching and curriculum through class evaluations administered prior to final exams. These evaluations are reviewed by the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research and are shared with faculty after grades are submitted. Professors may also provide mid-term evaluations to students in their classes for their own use in charting progress of the course. Students who have issues/concerns about a course or a professor are encouraged to discuss the matter with Office of Student Engagement or the Sr. Associate Dean of Faculty and Research prior to the evaluation process.

Year End Surveys and Exit Interviews

The Dean and his staff encourage student feedback at Simon Business School. To this end, a number of processes have been established to ensure that student concerns are heard. Year-end satisfaction surveys allow for systematic analysis of student sentiment and enable the School’s administration to benchmark our program with competing MBA programs. Full-time MBA students are surveyed during their first year and exit interviews with senior staff are conducted at graduation. Part-time students are surveyed each year as well for feedback on their experiences and satisfaction with the program.

Town Halls

Open forums, are sponsored periodically by the Graduate Business Council or by one or more of Simon Business School Deans, to discuss topics of interest with students. Very often, “town halls” are held when issues affecting students have been raised or when policies proposed might greatly impact students in the School. These meetings enhance communication between members of the administration and the student body.

Email Communication and Newsletters

To access Simon technical resources, like Email and the Intranet, every student is provided a single username and password. The username will also be the first part of the assigned Email address: This Email address will be permanently assigned and is “for life.” On or about ninety days after graduation the account no longer accommodates mail storage; the address simply becomes a forwarding address to the personal account provided by the alum. Newsletters are sent out on a regular basis to inform students of events including but not limited to club events, special announcements, and weekend highlights. All newsletters are sent to the student’s email account.

Mail Folders and Name Tents

Mail folders for MBA /MS students are on the first floor of Schlegel Hall. All students have mail folders. Students who need a new mail folder or who have questions about mail folders should contact Simon Business School Admissions Office. Students should check their mail folders daily or whenever they are on campus. These folders are used as a primary means of communication by Simon Business School faculty and administration, student organizations and University offices. Examining the contents of another student’s mail folder without permission to do so is unacceptable behavior. A mail folder should be viewed as the private property of the individual to whom it belongs. Anyone caught reviewing the contents of another student’s mail folder without permission will be subject to disciplinary proceedings. Similarly, the removal of another’s folder or the contents of another’s mail folder without that person’s permission will be subject to the same disciplinary proceedings. Students should report any behavior of this kind to a member of the Administration. Name tents will be provided for students and are required for all classes. Many professors will mark you absent if you do not have your name tent.

Google Calendar

The Google calendar lists all Simon events, club meetings and other activities of interest to our students. It is the official events calendar for the school and students are expected to check the calendar to be informed of events to attend. Students should check the calendar when planning activities to avoid conflicts. To have an event posted, contact the Office of Student Engagement. To view instructions, go to:


Blackboard (, a web-based course management system, is used at Simon Business School to provide online access to course work materials. Course web sites can be accessed by the course instructor and students enrolled in the class. The course instructor will inform you if Blackboard is used and how it will be used. Not every Simon Business School course will use Blackboard. Blackboard can be accessed using your NetID and NetPassword, once you have a Blackboard account. Your Blackboard account will be created and an email sent to your Simon email address after you are registered for classes. The email includes your NetID and a link to the NetID website at where you can set your NetPassword. You will need your URID, the 8-digit university ID assigned to you by the University. If you need to access UR ePay, to manage and arrange payment methods for your school bill, then your Blackboard account will be created prior to registration.


SimonWorks, powered by Symplicity, is our comprehensive, online recruitment and research system that gives students the ability to stay informed and connected to many CMC services. Use SimonWorks regularly to: register to attend on-campus recruiting events including company information sessions and executive chats, view our events calendar of workshops and register to attend, schedule appointments with Career Management Center staff and Simon Career Advisors, access important forms and documents, as well as our online resource library, view and search job opportunities, and upload your resume to apply for jobs you qualify for.