Business Environment and Public Policy (BPP)

BPP 426. Macroeconomics. 3 credits

Macroeconomics is the study of how economies grow and fluctuate over time, and how they interact with one another. In this course, we discuss economic measurement, economic growth, and the business cycle. We also discuss the implication of modern theories of growth and fluctuation for the conduct of monetary policy and fiscal policy. There is a strong emphasis on the international linkage among economies and the implications of macroeconomics for the business environment.

BPP 431. Legal and Tax Considerations of New Ventures. 3 credits

This course surveys, from the entrepreneur's perspective, legal and tax considerations that impact strategic choices in organizing, funding, staffing, governing, and operating new ventures. The course's principal focus is on how to create and retain competitive advantage through the skillful ordering of legal affairs. Emphasis will be transactional and include analysis of such issues as the creation and protection of intellectual property, technology licensing, global expansion, and internet commerce. The course will include, as a context for applied learning, a term project involving the creation and evolution of a selected new venture opportunity.

BPP 432. Basic Business Law. 3 credits

This course surveys the law of contracts, agency, and business associations with the objective of developing familiarity with selected laws, regulations, legal principles, and legal processes that govern (a) efficient exchange, generally; and (b) how and in what ways managers and entrepreneurs organize and interact to facilitate exchange. Although emphasis will be on United States law, there will be selected reference throughout the course to issues related to international transactions and to pertinent differences in legal systems of countries outside the United States. The course has a distinct transactional focus, with heavy reliance upon contemporary cases, commercial practices, and issues. Particular attention will be given to the impact of the legal framework upon sound managerial decision-making, business risk management, commercial rights and responsibilities, and ultimately business valuation.

BPP 433. Adv Business Law & Ethics. 3 credits

Topics include: bankruptcy, real property, personal property, sales, secured transactions, negotiable instruments, insurance, trusts and estates and consumer protection. This course also includes discussions of ethics and professional responsibilities.

BPP 440. Evolving Medical Markets. 3 credits

Firms supplying products and services to the health care industry face a variety of regulatory and marketing challenges that will be explored in this course. Topics include: the economics of developing and marketing new medical technologies, regulations affecting market structure, health and safety regulations and insurance markets. The course will cover evaluation tools frequently used in public policy debates and in marketing medical technologies including cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis and quality of life indices.

BPP 442. International Economics And Finance. 3 credits

Topics include: theories of international trade; exchange-rate regimes; the determination of exchange rates in a world of flexible exchange rates; the Euromarkets; the pricing of assets in open economies; international financial management and the theory of multinational corporations; foreign exchange exposure; analysis of currency forward, future, option and swap contracts; capital budgeting for foreign projects; and financing international trade.